Best Soccer Bars for Fans in Minnesota

Minnesota, home to a rich soccer culture, boasts a multitude of pubs and bars catering to lovers of the beautiful game. These locations offer an environment where fans can watch games in a lively environment, surrounded by fellow enthusiasts. Two prominent bars stand out in this realm: The Nomad World Pub and Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis. These bars are not only destinations for soccer fans but also beloved spots for those looking to enjoy an extensive array of world beers and quality food.

The Nomad World Pub

The Nomad World Pub: For Soccer and Beer Enthusiasts

Nestled in the heart of Minneapolis, The Nomad World Pub has carved a niche for itself as a haven for both soccer enthusiasts and beer aficionados. It lives up to its name, greeting patrons with a world-class experience that teems with the lively spirit of the beautiful game and an international blend of hops.

The pub roars with excitement especially when showcasing the popular soccer matches. Soccer fans will delight in the fact that the pub is subscribed to virtually all soccer channels. This means every crucial pass, every spectacular goal, and every nerve-wracking penalty shootout are brought right to its screens, making it almost impossible to miss out on any of the action.

It’s not just the comprehensive soccer coverage that makes The Nomad World Pub exceptional, it’s also the community of fans it has harnessed. During major matches, the pub hosts viewing parties, turning game-watching into a collective experience brimming with camaraderie, excitement, and friendly rivalry.

But more than just the thrill of soccer, The Nomad World Pub also prides itself on its globe-spanning beer offerings. Beer enthusiasts coming to watch a game will not only be thrilled by the action on screen but also by the discovery of a new favorite among the pub’s array of international beers. This fusion of a passionate soccer culture and a love for diverse beer varieties creates an atmosphere that is uniquely Nomad World Pub.

Indulge in the game you love while sipping on a beer you won’t find elsewhere at The Nomad World Pub – a Minneapolis destination that beautifully combines the joy of soccer watching and beer tasting.

Brit’s Pub

Brit’s Pub: A Corner of Britain in Minneapolis

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, Brit’s Pub captures the spirit of a quintessential British pub, winning the hearts of both locals and visitors. Its traditional British interior design is warm and inviting, taking its patrons on a British journey without stepping on a plane.

A Haven for Soccer Enthusiasts

Aside from its embracive ambiance, Brit’s Pub takes pride in being a favorite gathering spot for sports lovers, particularly soccer aficionados. The pub ensures soccer fanatics don’t miss out on any Premier League action as it makes a point of screening all the games – a gesture well received by the pub’s loyal patrons.

Something For Everyone

Soccer aside, Brit’s Pub offers more than just televised sports. Occasionally, it hosts lawn bowling leagues, spicing up the sports thrill and offering a unique experience.

Delicious British Fare and Extensive Beer Menu

Beyond the sports fervor, Brit’s Pub offers a treat to the taste buds. The joint’s menu features traditional British food, satiating the appetite of every guest. An extensive beer menu is also available, comprising domestic, imported, and locally brewed options – something to complement every dish.

An Engaging Atmosphere

Brit’s Pub shines not just with its charm, food, and soccer broadcasts, but also with its friendly and lively atmosphere. It cultivates a sense of community among its patrons, making it a welcoming place for both seasoned soccer fans and newcomers to the game. Everyone gets to enjoy televised sports in an exciting yet cozy environment. The camaraderie among sports fans here lends a unique appeal to Brit’s Pub, making it one of the top spots for soccer enthusiasts in Minneapolis.

As you plan your next locale to enjoy a thrilling soccer match, Brit’s Pub should undeniably be on the top of your list.

The Nomad World Pub and Brit’s Pub in Minnesota stand as fantastic examples of love for soccer blending with the tradition of pub culture. Offering regular screenings of games and organizing viewing parties, they provide fans with a hub to celebrate, socialize, and indulge in their passion for the sport. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard supporter, the warm, welcoming environment, the diverse selection of beers, and the delicious food make these bars much more than just viewing centers – they are soccer community homes.

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