Understanding FIFA’s Pass-Back Rule to Goalkeepers

Soccer, known as football in much of the world, is a sport deeply ingrained in global culture and filled with nuances that may not be easily grasped by those unfamiliar with its rules. One of such is FIFA’s ‘Pass-Back’ rule, a regulation critical to the dynamics of a soccer game

U12 Soccer Rules

U12 soccer, also known as under 12 soccer, is typically played by children who are eleven or twelve years old. The rules for U12 soccer are more advanced than U6, U8, and U10 soccer, but still simplified to accommodate the young age and skill level of the players. Here are

How Much Do College Soccer Referees Make?

College soccer referee pay varies widely by college and region. College Soccer Referee Game Fees NCAA soccer referees are paid per game. There is no base salary. College soccer referee pay starts at around $100 per game for junior colleges and tops $1,000 for the major Division I conferences such

How to Choose the Best Soccer Referee Shoes

If you’re looking for the best soccer referee shoes, you have a lot of choices that come down to your preferences and what games you’re doing. Here’s what you should look for when choosing your referee shoes.

Soccer Referee Fitness: Essential Guide to Physical Preparation

If you’ve ever imagined donning the black uniform and taking to the soccer field as a referee, then you might be surprised to find that there’s far more to the role than simply understanding the rules of the game. Among the crucial elements often overlooked for a successful soccer referee

Soccer Referee Hats: Yes or No?

You’ll never see a referee wearing a hat on TV, but there’s a good reason you see so many referees wearing a hat in local parks.

Exploring FIFA’s Changing Offside Rules

The game of football as we know it today traces its origins back to a simple game, free of rules and regulation. Over time, the global embrace of football led to a systematized set of rules, one of which is the offside rule. Initially set in place to prevent goal-hanging,

11 Biggest FIFA Rule Changes

FIFA releases new rules almost every year, but some changes are much bigger than others. Here are the 11 changes that had the biggest impact on the game.