Club Profile: Charlotte Soccer Academy (CSA)

Charlotte Soccer Academy (CSA) is a youth soccer club based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The club was established in 2011 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most successful youth soccer programs in the state.

About CSA

Charlotte Soccer Academy is a non-profit organization that focuses on developing young soccer players in the Charlotte area. The club is dedicated to providing players of all ages and skill levels with a positive and challenging environment where they can improve their skills both on and off the field.

CSA offers programs for players from U8 to U19, and has both recreational and competitive teams. The club’s coaching staff is highly experienced and has many coaches holding national and international coaching licenses.

One of the core values of CSA is player development. The club’s approach to player development focuses on developing the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills of its players. This approach has helped the club produce many talented players who have gone on to play at the college and professional levels.

History of CSA

Charlotte Soccer Academy was formed in 2011 by a merger of two existing Charlotte area soccer clubs: Charlotte Soccer Club and Charlotte United. The merger brought together two highly respected soccer clubs with a shared vision of providing high-quality soccer development opportunities for young players in the Charlotte area.

Location and Facilities

CSA has several fields where they play their home games and host tournaments. The club’s main facility is the OrthoCarolina Sportsplex, which features 12 full-size fields and is one of the premier soccer complexes in the region. In addition to the OrthoCarolina Sportsplex, CSA also has access to several other top-class facilities in the Charlotte area.

Leagues and Tournaments

CSA is a member of the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association and participates in several leagues, including the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association Classic League and the US Youth Soccer National League. The club also participates in various tournaments throughout the year, both regionally and nationally.

Notable Players

Charlotte Soccer Academy has produced many talented players who have gone on to play college or professional soccer. Some of the players who have played for the club and achieved success at the next level include:

  • Jeremy Ebobisse – A former CSA player who currently plays for the Portland Timbers in the MLS
  • Tate Schmitt – Another former CSA player who currently plays for Real Salt Lake in the MLS
  • Megan Buckingham – A former CSA player who went on to play for the University of North Carolina and was a member of the US Under-20 Women’s National Team


Charlotte Soccer Academy is a highly respected youth soccer club that is dedicated to developing young soccer players in the Charlotte area. The club’s commitment to player development, community involvement, and good sportsmanship has helped it become one of the top youth soccer programs in the state of North Carolina.

1 thought on “Club Profile: Charlotte Soccer Academy (CSA)”

  1. This review is specific to York County CSA U9 to U11. My son spent three years in CSA.

    Each year we were sold at tryout about how high standards of fundamental and high-quality practice and accountability from the top down would lead to long term growth and development of the kids!

    The practices were run with no active coaching, the coach would do drills with no feedback given, no intensity from the coach, NO teachable moments, no reason given to why they are doing the drill. The coach never demanded any respect from the kid and had no leadership skills kids at that age need. Director said it’s not our job to motivate these kids that a parent’s job!

    During games the kids played like a rec team no passing, spacing or formation and while winning or losing not important our team scored one goal in fall of 2023. They never once played as a unit or even resembled a team. The kids would argue with each other and many kids quit the team mid-season. Two kids quit in the middle of a game due to lack of leadership.

    CSA has no practice facility and each practice is held at a middle school football field with 8 other teams. They have no room to do anything and only have two soccer goals on the field. Don’t fall for the sales pitch at tryouts. After year two and all the issues we said we would not be back for a third season. However we were told and sold on how that it was just growing pains and things would improve.

    The real issue is the director for York County Ralph Latchana is coaching too many teams while also being a director of York and Palisades. He is spread too thin and it’s too big of job for him. He is a coach not a organizational director.
    CSA has no concerns about the player or experience and that comes from the higher ups. It’s all about money and greed! They routinely will take younger kids with no travel experience and add them to an older more experience group to create more teams and make more money!
    My son no longer wants to play soccer which is very sad! The CSA program in York County and Palisades (from what I heard) have significant growing pains and should be ashamed to be called a soccer club. Please choose any other club if you want your child to develop in soccer and life!


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