Club Profile: Clovis Youth Soccer Association (CYSA)

Clovis Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) is a respected youth soccer organization based in Clovis, California, committed to developing talented athletes and instilling strong character values. The club offers a comprehensive soccer experience that merges quality coaching, a competitive environment, and a focus on individual player development, distinguishing itself from other youth soccer organizations in the area.

About CYSA

CYSA provides an array of soccer programs tailored to players with different skill levels, from recreational leagues to competitive teams. The club serves age groups from U-4 to U-19, emphasizing the development of technical abilities, tactical understanding, and overall physical fitness. The dedicated coaching staff at CYSA works closely with players to ensure their continuous growth and development.

Club Philosophy

CYSA is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive environment where players can develop their soccer skills and build strong character. The club’s philosophy underscores teamwork, respect, discipline, and the pursuit of excellence, both on and off the field.

Location and Facilities

CYSA is headquartered in Clovis, California, and utilizes several top-notch facilities throughout the region. The club’s primary training grounds are located at the Clovis East High School, which offers well-maintained grass fields and modern amenities, ensuring a seamless soccer experience for both players and spectators.

Leagues and Tournaments

CYSA’s teams actively participate in several local leagues and tournaments, focusing on challenging the players and exposing them to high-quality competition. The club competes in leagues such as the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) District VII and the Cal North Soccer League. Additionally, CYSA teams take part in various local and regional tournaments, promoting a competitive spirit among the players.

Community Involvement

CYSA is dedicated to giving back to the community and has been involved in various local initiatives and events, such as fundraisers, community service projects, and volunteering efforts. The club’s commitment to the community strengthens the bond between the organization and local residents, fostering a supportive atmosphere for soccer development.


Clovis Youth Soccer Association is an excellent choice for aspiring soccer players in the Clovis area seeking a high-quality soccer experience that combines dedicated coaching, well-maintained facilities, and exposure to competitive leagues and tournaments. The club’s supportive and challenging environment encourages athletes to strive for success both on and off the field, making CYSA an ideal choice for ambitious soccer players looking to excel in the sport.

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