ECNL Showcase

The ECNL Showcase provides ECNL players with opportunities to be seen by college soccer coaches.

About ECNL Showcase

The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) Showcase is a series of high-profile soccer events held throughout the United States, featuring elite youth soccer clubs and teams from across the country.

The ECNL Showcase offers a platform for young players to compete at the highest level, while also providing college coaches and scouts an opportunity to evaluate and recruit top talent.


The primary goal of the ECNL Showcase is to create a competitive environment where elite youth soccer players can demonstrate their skills and abilities against the best teams from other regions.

These events attract top talent, enabling players to test themselves against high-level competition and gain valuable experience that can help them advance in their soccer careers.

College Recruitment

One of the significant aspects of the ECNL Showcase is the presence of college coaches and scouts from across the nation.

These events are ideal for players looking to showcase their talents to college coaches and potentially secure scholarship offers or spots on college rosters.

College coaches attend these showcases to identify and evaluate prospective student-athletes for their programs, making the ECNL Showcase an essential component of the college recruitment process for many aspiring soccer players.

Event Structure

The ECNL Showcase events typically take place over a few days, with multiple games scheduled for each participating team.

The events are held at various locations across the United States, making them accessible to clubs and players from different regions.

Participating teams are generally divided into age groups, ensuring that players compete against others at a similar level of development.

Notable ECNL Showcase Events

The ECNL hosts several showcase events throughout the year, some of which include:

  • ECNL Florida Showcase – Held annually in Florida, this event attracts clubs and teams from across the country, providing players with an opportunity to compete in a warm-weather environment during the winter months.
  • ECNL Texas Showcase – This showcase takes place in Texas and features elite competition from various regions, offering players a chance to test themselves against top talent from different parts of the United States.
  • ECNL Playoffs – The ECNL Playoffs is a culminating event that brings together the best teams from the ECNL regular season to compete for national championships in various age groups.


The ECNL Showcase events play a crucial role in the development of elite youth soccer players in the United States.

By providing a platform for high-level competition and exposure to college coaches and scouts, these events contribute significantly to the growth and success of American soccer talent.

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