Elite Academy League

The Elite Academy League is a national youth soccer league with conferences covering various states and regions.

About Elite Academy League

The Elite Academy League (EAL) is a competitive youth soccer league in the United States that aims to provide a high-quality development platform for elite youth soccer players. Established in 2020, the EAL was created in response to the disbandment of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy. The league’s primary objective is to bridge the gap between the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) and other leagues, ensuring a comprehensive and competitive environment for young soccer players to grow and develop their skills.

Structure and Competitions

The Elite Academy League is divided into multiple age groups for both boys and girls, with competition levels ranging from Under-13 up to Under-19. The league is organized into several regional conferences across the country, which ensures that teams face opponents within their geographical area, minimizing travel costs and time commitments.

The EAL season typically runs from fall to spring, with each team playing a predetermined number of games within their respective conference. At the end of the regular season, the top teams from each conference advance to the EAL playoffs, which provide an opportunity for players to compete against the best talent from across the country.

Player Development

The Elite Academy League places a strong emphasis on player development, offering a high level of competition that challenges young players to improve their skills, tactical understanding, and physical fitness. The league provides a platform for elite players to showcase their abilities and gain exposure to college coaches and scouts, potentially leading to college scholarship offers and opportunities to advance their soccer careers at the collegiate or professional levels.

Additionally, the EAL works closely with the Elite Clubs National League, sharing resources and best practices to ensure that both leagues maintain high standards for player development and competition.

Notable Clubs

The Elite Academy League features many renowned youth soccer clubs from across the United States. Some of these clubs include:

These clubs and others within the EAL have a proven track record of developing talented players who have gone on to achieve success at the collegiate and professional levels.


The Elite Academy League is an essential part of the U.S. youth soccer landscape, providing a competitive platform for elite players to develop their skills and showcase their talents. With its emphasis on player development and collaboration with the Elite Clubs National League, the EAL contributes significantly to the growth and success of youth soccer in the United States.

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