i9 Sports Simi Valley

i9 Sports Simi Valley is a recreational youth soccer league in Simi Valley, California.

About i9 Sports Simi Valley

i9 Sports is a national youth sports organization that offers various sports programs for children in a fun and safe environment.

The organization aims to provide a positive sports experience for children, emphasizing good sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition.

i9 Sports in Simi Valley, California, offers various sports programs, including soccer, for children in the local community.

Age Groups and Programs

i9 Sports Simi Valley offers programs for children as young as three years old up to 14 years old, depending on the sport. The soccer program is designed to cater to different age groups, with an emphasis on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


The soccer program at i9 Sports Simi Valley follows a format that ensures all participants have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The program includes organized practices and games, with each session focusing on developing specific skills and fostering a love for the sport.

The emphasis is on having fun, learning, and improving, rather than winning at all costs.

Coaching and Sportsmanship

i9 Sports Simi Valley encourages parent involvement and offers resources to support parent-coaches. The organization provides coaching materials, training, and ongoing support to ensure that coaches can effectively teach and motivate their players.

Additionally, i9 Sports prioritizes sportsmanship, with each game featuring a “Sportsmanship Value” that is taught and demonstrated by coaches and players.

Inclusivity and Convenience

i9 Sports Simi Valley aims to make participation in youth sports convenient and accessible for families. The organization offers flexible scheduling options, with games and practices typically held on the same day.

This approach helps reduce the time commitment required from busy families while still providing a fun and engaging sports experience for children.


i9 Sports Simi Valley is an excellent option for families in the area looking for a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for their children to learn and play soccer.

With a focus on sportsmanship, skill development, and enjoyment, the soccer program at i9 Sports Simi Valley helps young players develop a lifelong love for the sport.

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