Regional Club League (RCL)

The Regional Club League (RCL) is a highly competitive youth soccer league based in Washington State. The league is operated by Washington Youth Soccer, the governing body for youth soccer in the state.

RCL serves as the top-tier league within the Washington Youth Soccer system and provides a platform for elite-level players to showcase their skills and compete against the best teams in the region.

League Structure

The Regional Club League consists of multiple age groups and divisions for both boys and girls, ranging from U-10 to U-19. The league is organized into various tiers, with the highest level being the RCL Division 1. Teams within the RCL are selected based on a rigorous evaluation process, ensuring that only the top clubs and players participate in the league.

Competitive Environment

RCL offers a highly competitive playing environment, with teams from the best youth soccer clubs in Washington State. The league provides an opportunity for players to challenge themselves against strong opposition, fostering their development and preparing them for higher-level competition.

Player Development

The RCL prioritizes player development, providing a platform for talented players to showcase their skills and gain exposure to college coaches and scouts. The league focuses on creating a player-centered approach, emphasizing technical skill development, tactical understanding, and overall game intelligence.

College Pathways

The Regional Club League serves as a stepping stone for players aspiring to play college soccer. The league’s high level of competition and exposure to college coaches and scouts create opportunities for players to earn scholarships and continue their soccer careers at the collegiate level. Many RCL alumni have gone on to play for NCAA Division I, II, and III programs.

Notable Clubs

  • Crossfire Premier – Crossfire Premier is one of the most successful and respected clubs in the state, consistently fielding competitive teams across all age groups. The club has a strong track record of player development and has produced numerous college and professional players.
  • Seattle UnitedSeattle United is a prominent club within the RCL, known for its commitment to player development and producing top-level teams. The club offers a comprehensive player development pathway and has a history of success in regional and national competitions.
  • Washington Premier FC – Washington Premier FC is a well-established club that places a strong emphasis on player development and character building. The club’s teams consistently compete at a high level within the RCL and have a strong presence in college soccer recruitment.
  • Eastside FC – Eastside FC is known for its technical and possession-based style of play. The club focuses on long-term player development and provides a challenging environment for players to excel both on and off the field.
  • Seattle Celtic FC – Seattle Celtic FC is a club that prides itself on developing players through a holistic approach, emphasizing technical skills, tactical understanding, and personal growth. The club has a strong reputation for its commitment to player development and community involvement.

These notable clubs within the Regional Club League have made significant contributions to the growth and development of youth soccer in Washington State. Their commitment to player development, competitive success, and fostering a positive soccer environment has elevated the quality of the game in the region.

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