SoccerViza FC

About SoccerViza FC

SoccerViza FC is a soccer organization in Norwalk, Connecticut, that focuses on providing opportunities for aspiring soccer players to showcase their talents and earn professional contracts. SoccerViza is not a traditional youth soccer club, but rather an organization that organizes scouting events, combines, and training programs to help players gain exposure to professional scouts and clubs.

The organization was founded by Joe Funicello, a former professional soccer player who recognized the need for a platform to help undiscovered talent get the exposure and opportunities they deserve. SoccerViza has successfully helped numerous players earn professional contracts both domestically and internationally.

Programs and Services

SoccerViza offers a range of programs and services designed to help players advance their soccer careers. These include:

  • Combines: SoccerViza organizes combines throughout the United States, where players showcase their skills in front of professional scouts, coaches, and agents. These events provide participants with an opportunity to earn professional contracts or trial offers with clubs.
  • Training Programs: SoccerViza offers training programs and camps, designed to help players improve their skills and prepare for combines and professional trials. These programs are led by experienced coaches and former professional players.
  • Pro Player Tours: SoccerViza organizes pro player tours, where selected players travel to different countries to play exhibition matches against professional clubs. These tours give players the opportunity to showcase their talents in a competitive environment and earn trial offers or contracts with professional clubs.
  • Consultation Services: SoccerViza provides consultation services to help players navigate the professional soccer landscape. They offer advice on contract negotiations, trial preparation, and career planning.


SoccerViza FC is an organization dedicated to helping aspiring soccer players showcase their talents and earn professional contracts. Through combines, training programs, pro player tours, and consultation services, SoccerViza has successfully assisted numerous players in advancing their soccer careers both domestically and internationally.

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