Unveiling the Best Portable Full Size Soccer Goals

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Stepping up your soccer game to a professional level calls for more than just a ball, and a clean patch of grass. A high-quality, full-size portable soccer goal is an indispensable asset that can massively enhance the practice sessions and matches, regardless of the venue. With the vast array of options available in today’s market, the process of selecting the best portable full-size soccer goal can be an arduous task. In this guide, we are set to unravel that complexity by providing a meticulous review of the top portable full-size soccer goals, evaluating key factors to consider when purchasing, and drawing a comparison between popular brands in the market.

Detailed Reviews of Top Portable Full Size Soccer Goals

Portable Soccer Goal One: GOLME PRO Pop-Up Soccer Goal

The GOLME PRO Pop-Up Soccer Goal measures 8 x 5 x 2.7 feet, making it a full-size portable soccer goal for both competitive games and practice. Built with durable Oxford fabric and a high-intensity steel frame, it offers impressive longevity. With a weight of six pounds, it’s light, packable, and comes with a carrying bag, making it convenient for transportation and storage.

Its twofold design allows a quick set-up without any tools required. Anchored to the ground with the included stakes, it remains stable against hard shots and strong winds. However, the lightweight nature may require extra reinforcement in extreme weather. The net has a three-dimensional depth, enhancing the goal’s authentic soccer feel. Additionally, the unique pop-up design may take some time to fold back for new users.

Portable Soccer Goal Two: PowerNet Soccer Goal

PowerNet Soccer Goal boasts a size of 12 x 6 feet, appropriate for both youth and adult players. Unlike traditional goals, it features removable ground stakes for usage on many playing surfaces, making it versatile. The heavy-duty, durable 2-ply netting and reinforced thick fiberglass frame ensures resilience against intense games and weather conditions.

Weighing at 28 lbs, it’s not the lightest goal on the list, but its portability is still a high point, thanks to the included carrying bag. It also includes a fast color-coded setup, allowing assembly in minutes without any tools needed. However, be aware that the ground stakes might not provide enough stability in windy conditions, warranting extra weight or anchoring.

Portable Soccer Goal Three: Bownet 6’x12′ Portable Soccer Goal

The Bownet 6’x12’ Portable Soccer Goal stands out due to its Energy Absorption System (EAS) technology that diffuses ball energy throughout the goal while ensuring a longer lifespan. Its robust construction integrates high-quality, non-marking rubber feet and a powder-coated steel frame guaranteeing durability and strength.

The goal measures 12 x 6 feet and weighs approximately 32 pounds, making it heavier than some alternatives. Nevertheless, with the carry bag and convenient handle, it remains relatively portable. This goal assembles easily without tools in just 160 seconds, but be prepared for a somewhat challenging disassembly process involving tension and precision.

Spotlight on Portable Soccer Goal: Pass Premier Steel Soccer Goal

When considering baseball goals ideal for older youths and adults, the Pass Premier Steel Soccer Goal emerges as an excellent pick. It assures durability and robustness with its steel pipe construction and reinforced corners, measuring a substantial 18 x 7 feet. The goal also features an all-weather UV-protected 5mm braided net which can withstand the harshest elements, thus ensuring its longevity.

Tipping the scales at 50 pounds, it might not be the lightest choice available, but its collapsibility and the provision of a carry bag make it transport-friendly. The assembly requires no special tools and comes complete with ground stakes for secure stability. However, its weighty nature could make assembly demanding for lone individuals. Not to forget, its welding quality could use a little extra reinforcement, especially if the goal is meant for intense soccer drills or matches.

Factors to Consider When Buying Portable Full Size Soccer Goals

Practicality and Portability

An important factor to consider when choosing full-size soccer goals is their portability. The ability to easily move, set-up, and store your soccer goal can greatly enhance its convenience and flexibility, especially if you’re planning to use it across different venues. Look out for features such as lightweight construction, easy disassembly and reassembly capabilities, and compactness when choosing your goal. Smooth transportation should also be considered, implying that the soccer goal should be easy to pack and unpack without much hassle. Lastly but crucially, compact storage can save you from the trouble of finding large storage spaces when the goal is not being used.

Assembly and Disassembly

Easy assembly and disassembly are essential factors as they determine how quick you can set up or take down the soccer goal. Look out for soccer goals that come with user-friendly assembly instructions. Some models make use of snap-lock systems, colour-coded frame sections, or even numbered parts to simplify the assembly process. The lesser the tools required for assembly, the better.


Stability is crucial for safety and optimal performance. A stable soccer goal remains firmly in place despite the force exerted on it by the soccer ball or environmental conditions like strong winds. Factors contributing to stability include the weight and design of the goal, heavy-duty steel frames for added sturdiness, and reliable anchoring systems like ground stakes or weighted bases.

Net Quality

The net is one of the most heavily used parts of a soccer goal, and hence, it needs to be tough and durable. Look for nets made of weather-resistant materials such as polyethylene or nylon, which can hold up well to outdoor elements. High-density netting is also vital as it withstands constant impact from balls. Some portable soccer goals come with replacement nets, which can be handy given the wear and tear nets endure.

Frame Strength

The frame strength determines how well a soccer goal can resist bending or breaking under pressure from repeated use and weather conditions. For durability, consider soccer goals made from materials such as PVC or steel. However, bear in mind that while PVC frames are lighter and more portable, they might not offer the same strength and durability as steel frames. A good measure of frame strength is to check its thickness – the thicker the frame, the more strength it offers.

Cost Considerations

The price tag is a crucial aspect when choosing a portable full-size soccer goal. With a diverse range of options on the market, the cost varies based on the materials used, the size of the equipment, the brand, and any additional features. While more expensive models often boast superior durability and advanced features, there are also more cost-effective options available that don’t compromise on quality. Striking a balance between cost and quality that aligns with both your budget and your needs is key.

Comparison Between Brands

Top Brands Comparison: GOLME, Franklin Sports, PowerNet, and QUICKPLAY

When it comes to leading manufacturers of full-size portable soccer goals, GOLME, Franklin Sports, PowerNet, and QUICKPLAY represent some of the most reputable options in the market.

GOLME Portable Soccer Goal

Starting with the GOLME Pro Training Soccer Goal, it brings in unprecedented convenience in transportation with the ‘folding goal’ concept. The goal, with its patented one-piece design, can open and fold in seconds and comes with a carry bag. In terms of cost, it is a mid-range option, leaning towards the upper end. The quality is high with aircraft-grade aluminum and reinforced bars for long-lasting durability. The reviews are generally positive, with customers praising the portability, durability, and easy set-up. However, some have noted that the high price point may not be completely justified considering the simpler design and available alternatives.

Franklin Sports Portable Soccer Goal

Next is Franklin Sports Full Size Soccer Goal, which is an affordable option for those on a budget. The goal is lightweight and designed for easy assembly with locking joints, ensuring stability. While the cost savings do mean some compromises on quality, most users find the durability and sturdiness satisfactory for casual use. The customer reviews reflect this sentiment – they appreciate the value for money but suggest that competitive play might require something sturdier.

PowerNet Portable Soccer Goal

The PowerNet Soccer Goal is another strong contender, known for its high-quality build and ease of assembly. Their goals are more on the premium side, hence, a bit more expensive than the GOLME and Franklin options. The PowerNet’s unique selling proposition is its incredibly robust build quality and durability. It uses reinforced fiberglass poles and rugged polyester nets which can withstand the impact from the toughest shots. Most customer reviews praise PowerNet’s excellent customer service and product durability.

QUICKPLAY Portable Soccer Goal

Lastlt, the QUICKPLAY Pro Match-Fold Soccer Goal offers a unique blend of portability and professional-grade quality. The goal is pricier than its competitors, but it also provides a level of durability and ease-of-use that justifies the cost. Its USP lies in its patented FLEXI POST system allowing effortless set-up in minutes without the need for instructions. This high calibre construction has resulted in rave customer reviews, with many lauding the goal’s solidity and resilience.

Each of these brands offers great portable full size soccer goals, but carry unique features which cater to different needs and budgets. Users should carefully consider their specific requirements before deciding on the best fit.

The journey to outstanding soccer gameplay inherently requires a comprehensive understanding of the required gear, particularly the soccer goal. A portable full-size soccer goal, tailormade to suit your specific needs, culled from a detailed understanding of product specifications and market knowledge, can profoundly enhance your performance. By integrating all these facets of in-depth product reviews, factors to consider while buying, and a comparison of different brands, we hope that this guide serves well in empowering you to make an informed choice in purchasing the best portable full-size soccer goal that will perfectly serve your soccer aspirations.