US Youth Soccer (USYS) National Championships

USYS Nationals is US Youth Soccer’s premier event with the winners of state and regional championships competing for a national title.

About US Youth Soccer (USYS) National Championships

The US Youth Soccer (USYS) National Championships is the premier youth soccer competition in the United States, serving as the culmination of the USYS National Championship Series.

The tournament brings together the best youth soccer teams from across the country, all competing for the prestigious title of US Youth Soccer National Champion.


The USYS National Championships features competition across multiple age groups for both boys and girls, typically ranging from U-13 to U-19.

The tournament includes the regional champions from each of the four USYS Regional Championships (East, Midwest, South, and West) and, in some age groups, additional wildcard teams.

The competition format typically consists of group stage matches, followed by knockout rounds that ultimately lead to the championship match in each age group.

The winning team in each age group is crowned the US Youth Soccer National Champion.


To qualify for the USYS National Championships, teams must first compete in and win their respective state association’s championship tournament (State Cup), followed by winning their regional championship in one of the four USYS Regional Championships (Region I, II, III, or IV).

In some cases, wildcard teams may also be invited to participate in the National Championships, depending on the age group and competition format.


The USYS National Championships is considered one of the most prestigious youth soccer tournaments in the United States.

Participating teams have the opportunity to compete against the best youth soccer teams in the country, providing a highly competitive environment for players to develop their skills, gain valuable experience, and be recognized by college coaches and scouts.

Awards and Recognition

In addition to crowning the national champions in each age group, the USYS National Championships also recognizes individual players for their outstanding performances during the tournament.

The most notable individual award is the Golden Ball, which is given to the most outstanding player in each age group.

Other individual awards include the Golden Glove (best goalkeeper), the Best XI (all-tournament team), and the Fair Play Award (team sportsmanship).


The USYS National Championships is a highly anticipated event within the youth soccer community, providing players with an opportunity to compete at the highest level and create lifelong memories.

The tournament has served as a stepping stone for numerous professional and national team players, showcasing the immense talent and potential of youth soccer in the United States.

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