Arlington Premier Soccer League

Arlington Premier Soccer League (APSL) is a youth soccer organization based in Arlington, Virginia. The league aims to provide a competitive and enjoyable soccer environment for players of various ages and skill levels. APSL is committed to promoting sportsmanship, fair play, and player development while offering a platform for young athletes to improve their skills and compete at a higher level.

Age Groups and Divisions

APSL offers a range of age groups and divisions for both boys and girls, catering to players from the U-9 to U-19 age brackets. The league structure is designed to provide a progressive and challenging environment for players as they develop their skills and advance through the age groups.

The divisions within the league are organized based on skill level, ensuring that players compete against others of similar abilities. This structure helps to maintain a competitive balance within the league and allows for the development of individual players and teams.

Player Development

The Arlington Premier Soccer League places a strong emphasis on player development. The league provides a platform for players to receive quality coaching, participate in competitive matches, and gain valuable soccer experience. APSL aims to support players in reaching their full potential, whether they aspire to play at the college level, professionally, or simply want to improve their skills and enjoy the game.

Coaching Education

APSL recognizes the importance of quality coaching in youth soccer and is committed to providing resources and support for coaches within the league. The organization encourages coaches to pursue coaching licenses and certifications, attend clinics, and share knowledge and best practices with their peers.

Community Outreach and Involvement

Arlington Premier Soccer League is dedicated to fostering a positive impact on the local community. The league encourages players, coaches, and parents to participate in community service projects, volunteer opportunities, and other local initiatives that promote a sense of community and social responsibility.

With its emphasis on player development, competitive play, and community involvement, the Arlington Premier Soccer League continues to be a vital part of the youth soccer landscape in the Arlington, Virginia area. The league’s commitment to fostering a positive soccer environment for players, coaches, and families makes it a valuable resource for the local soccer community.

Notable Clubs

Here are some notable clubs within the Arlington Premier Soccer League:

  • Arlington Soccer Association – As one of the largest clubs in the area, the Arlington Soccer Association provides comprehensive soccer programs for players of all ages and abilities. They are known for their focus on player development and have a strong track record of success on the field.
  • Virginia United – Virginia United is a competitive club with a reputation for developing talented players. They offer various programs, from recreational soccer to elite-level competition, and have produced many college-level and professional players.
  • Alexandria Soccer Association – The Alexandria Soccer Association is a well-established club in the APSL, providing soccer opportunities for players in the Alexandria area. They emphasize skill development and sportsmanship, helping players reach their full potential.
  • Loudoun Soccer – Loudoun Soccer is a prominent club in the Arlington Premier Soccer League, offering various programs for players of all skill levels. The club focuses on player development and has a successful history of competing in regional and national tournaments.
  • McLean Youth Soccer – McLean Youth Soccer is a respected club within the APSL, known for its commitment to player development and competitive success. The club offers a range of programs for players of all ages and abilities, with a focus on skill improvement and tactical understanding.

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