Club Champions League

The Club Champions League is a competitive youth soccer league covering Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

About Club Champions League

The Club Champions League (CCL) is a youth soccer league based in Virginia that aims to provide a competitive platform for clubs and players to excel and develop their skills.

Founded in 1997, the CCL has expanded over the years to include clubs from Maryland, Washington D.C., and other surrounding areas.

The league is known for its focus on player development, quality coaching, and a club-centric approach.


The CCL offers various levels of competition for both boys and girls, starting from Under-9 up to Under-19 age groups. Teams participating in the league compete in a regular season schedule, with standings based on a points system.

The top teams from each age group may qualify for regional and national competitions, such as the US Youth Soccer Eastern Regional Championships and the USYS National Championships.

The league is divided into different divisions, such as CCL Championship, CCL Premiership, and CCL NextGen, catering to different skill levels and age groups. This structure ensures that players have the opportunity to compete against teams of a similar caliber, fostering a challenging and development-focused environment.

Player Development

The CCL places a strong emphasis on player development, with clubs in the league offering top-quality coaching and training programs.

Players have the opportunity to develop their technical skills, tactical understanding, and physical fitness while competing against other talented players from the region.

The league’s club-centric approach means that clubs collaborate to create the best possible environment for player development. This includes scheduling flexibility, coaching education, and an emphasis on long-term player growth over short-term results.

Notable Clubs

Some of the many notable clubs that participate in the Club Champions League include:

  • Loudoun Soccer – As one of the largest and most successful clubs in Virginia, Loudoun Soccer has a strong reputation for player development and has produced several college and professional players.
  • Virginia Beach City FC – A top club in Virginia Beach, known for its strong player development programs and competitive teams.
  • FC Frederick – A prominent club in Maryland, FC Frederick focuses on player development and has a history of success at both the regional and national levels.
  • Arlington Soccer Association – Located in Virginia, Arlington Soccer Association has a long history of success in youth soccer and a strong commitment to developing players for the next level of competition.
  • Potomac Soccer Association – Based in Maryland, Potomac Soccer Association is known for its quality coaching and dedication to player development.

The Club Champions League plays a significant role in promoting and developing youth soccer in Virginia and the surrounding areas. Through its competitive structure, focus on player development, and collaborative approach, the CCL provides opportunities for young players to grow and excel in the sport of soccer.

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