Club Directors League

The Club Directors League is a competitive youth soccer league in the Tampa area.

About Club Directors League

The Club Directors League (CDL) is a youth soccer organization dedicated to offering a competitive and positive environment for young soccer players to develop their skills, gain experience, and grow within the sport. The league aims to provide a platform that prioritizes player development, sportsmanship, and fair play while fostering collaboration between clubs.

Structure and Competitions

The CDL serves a variety of age groups, from Under-9 to Under-19, for both boys and girls. The league is structured to ensure that teams face opponents with similar skill levels, promoting balanced competition and encouraging player development.

The CDL season typically runs from fall to spring, with teams playing a predetermined number of games against other clubs within their respective age group and division. The league may also be organized into regional conferences, allowing for reduced travel costs and time commitments for participating teams.

In addition to league play, the CDL often participates in or organizes various tournaments and showcase events throughout the year. These competitions provide further opportunities for players to gain valuable experience and exposure to different levels of competition.

Player Development

Player development is at the heart of the Club Directors League’s mission. The league strives to create a competitive environment that challenges young players to improve their technical skills, tactical understanding, and physical fitness. The CDL encourages collaboration between clubs, sharing best practices and providing resources to ensure that all players receive the best possible soccer education.

The CDL also supports coach education and development, offering resources and training opportunities to help coaches enhance their knowledge and skills. By investing in coach development, the league aims to improve the overall quality of soccer instruction and, in turn, benefit the players they guide.


The Club Directors League plays an essential role in the youth soccer landscape, providing a platform for young soccer players to develop their skills, compete, and grow within the sport. Through its emphasis on player development, collaboration, and sportsmanship, the CDL contributes to the ongoing success and growth of youth soccer.

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