Florida Club League

The Florida Club League is a US Club Soccer member that provides clubs with an alternative to FYSA youth soccer leagues.

About Florida Club League

The Florida Club League (FCL) is a competitive youth soccer league in Florida that aims to provide high-quality competition and player development opportunities for teams and clubs across the state.

The league features multiple levels of play and age groups for both boys and girls, ensuring that players of all skill levels have the opportunity to participate and grow.

Structure and Levels of Play

The Florida Club League is divided into several levels of play to accommodate varying skill levels and competitive needs of its member clubs. The primary levels of play include:

  • FCL Regional: This level focuses on providing a competitive environment for teams and clubs that are regionally based. Teams in this level compete against other teams within their region, reducing travel time and expenses.
  • FCL State: This level is designed for teams and clubs seeking a higher level of competition. Teams in the FCL State level compete against top teams from across Florida, offering a more challenging experience for players.
  • FCL Academy: The FCL Academy level is the highest level of competition within the Florida Club League, featuring elite teams from clubs across the state. This level is designed to provide the most competitive environment for players and prepare them for the next stage in their soccer development.

Age Groups

The Florida Club League offers competition for multiple age groups, typically ranging from U-9 to U-19 for both boys and girls.

This structure ensures that players of various ages have the opportunity to participate in the league and develop their skills in a competitive environment.

Player Development

The Florida Club League emphasizes player development and provides opportunities for players to grow both on and off the field.

In addition to competitive league play, the FCL offers various player development programs, coaching education, and resources to support the overall growth of youth soccer in Florida.

The league also aims to provide exposure for players seeking opportunities to play at the collegiate level, with many clubs and teams participating in college showcases and recruiting events throughout the year.


The Florida Club League plays a crucial role in the development of youth soccer in Florida, providing a platform for players and clubs to compete at various levels and fostering a competitive environment that allows players to reach their full potential.

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