Florida UPSL Academy Teams

UPSL currently only has an Academy conference in south Florida. Here are the teams.

Altitude Rush

Located in Miami, Florida, Altitude Rush is an accomplished UPSL Academy team that calls the Altitude Rush Sports Complex home. The team prides itself on nurturing young talent and fostering a competitive atmosphere for players to develop their skills.

In addition to the main team, Altitude Rush also operates a youth academy to train and scout for potential prospects. Their dedication to community involvement and player development has earned the club a well-regarded reputation in south Florida.

International Soccer Association

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the International Soccer Association (ISA) is a highly competitive UPSL Academy team that plays at the ISA Soccer Stadium. The club aims to develop talented UPSL players and provide them with exposure to professional soccer environments.

ISA is known for having strong connections with soccer clubs around the world, which allows them to offer unique opportunities to their players. Besides the UPSL team, ISA also maintains several other teams at various age levels, giving talented youngsters the chance to progress through the ranks.

Miami Sun

Miami Sun is a UPSL Academy team located in Miami, Florida. They play their home games at the vibrant Miami Sun Soccer Park. As a club, they are committed to developing young players and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills.

In addition to the main team, Miami Sun also has youth squads for various age groups. The club is known for their passionate fan base and their efforts to engage with the local community through soccer events and initiatives.

Plantation FC

Hailing from Plantation, Florida, Plantation FC is an ambitious UPSL Academy team that competes at the Plantation Soccer Complex. The team is focused on cultivating local talent and preparing players for higher levels of competition.

With a strong emphasis on player development, Plantation FC runs several youth teams catering to different age groups. The club also takes pride in their involvement with the local community, frequently hosting events and activities to promote the sport of soccer.

Strikers Miami FC

Strikers Miami FC is a UPSL Academy team based in Miami, Florida. They play their home matches at the Strikers Miami Stadium. The club is dedicated to providing a professional environment for talented players to grow and develop their skills.

Apart from the main team, Strikers Miami FC also operates a youth academy and has various age-group squads. The club has a rich history and is well-known for its efforts in developing local talent and engaging with the community.

West Palm Beach Elite

The West Palm Beach Elite is a renowned UPSL Academy team located in West Palm Beach, Florida. They play their home games at the West Palm Beach Soccer Park. The club is committed to identifying and nurturing talent within the region and providing a pathway for players to progress in their soccer careers.

West Palm Beach Elite is also involved in various community outreach initiatives, helping to grow the sport in the area. In addition to the main squad, the club operates several other teams for different age groups, allowing young players to develop and advance within the organization.

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