Comparing MLS Next Pro and UPSL: A Deep Dive

In the rapidly expanding world of soccer, understanding the developmental structures is critical in recognizing the avenues for budding talent. Two relevant platforms in the American context are Major League Soccer’s new development league, MLS Next Pro, and the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL). Offering top-notch competition and career-defining opportunities,

USPL vs MLS Next Pro: Analyzing America’s Soccer Progression

With an increasing interest in soccer, a more profound understanding of the United Soccer Premier League (USPL) and Major League Soccer’s Next Pro (MLS Next Pro) presents a new layer to the sport’s evolution in America. These developmental leagues hold a critical role in elevating soccer in the country, breeding

NPSL vs UPSL Soccer: A Comprehensive Comparison

American soccer, often overshadowed by its European counterparts, has historically had an eclectic mix of competitive leagues that contribute to its vibrant landscape. Amidst various amateur and semi-professional leagues lie two noteworthy organizations: the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) and the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL). These two organizations, from

Can You Play College Soccer if You Play UPSL?

Current and future college soccer players have two main rules to worry about if they want to play in the UPSL — amateurism and playing in outside competitions. Is the UPSL a semi-professional or professional league? First, it’s important to understand the status of the United Premier Soccer League. It