Illinois State Women’s Soccer

The Illinois State University women’s soccer team, known as the Redbirds, has been a competitive force in collegiate soccer since its establishment in 1994. With a strong commitment to excellence and a rich history, the team has made significant contributions to the sport.

History and Achievements

The Illinois State women’s soccer program has a proud history of accomplishments. While specific recent achievements are not available, the team has consistently competed at a high level within the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC). Throughout the years, they have earned recognition for their skill, teamwork, and dedication to the sport.

Competing in the MVC

As a member of the Missouri Valley Conference, the Redbirds face tough competition from other universities in the region. The MVC provides a challenging platform for the team to showcase their abilities and strive for success. Through hard-fought matches and intense rivalries, the Redbirds represent Illinois State University with determination and sportsmanship.

Home Field

The Redbirds play their home games at Adelaide Street Field, located on the Illinois State University campus. The stadium offers an exciting and supportive environment for both players and fans. With a seating capacity of approximately 1,000 spectators, the atmosphere at home games is lively and contributes to the team’s performance.

Coaching Staff

The head coach of the Illinois State women’s soccer team is Brad Silvey. Coach Silvey has been an integral part of the program, bringing his expertise and leadership to guide the team’s development and success. Under his guidance, the team has worked towards improving their skills, implementing effective strategies, and fostering a culture of growth and improvement.

Notable Players

Throughout the years, the Illinois State women’s soccer team has had talented and exceptional players. While specific details about current players are not available, past Redbird players have left a mark on the program with their skill and contributions. These players have exemplified the team’s values and have been recognized for their achievements both on and off the field.

Community Engagement

Beyond the realm of competition, the Illinois State women’s soccer team engages with the local community. Through outreach programs, volunteering, and other initiatives, the team fosters a sense of social responsibility and makes a positive impact beyond the game. Their involvement in community endeavors reflects their commitment to being well-rounded student-athletes.


The Illinois State women’s soccer team, the Redbirds, has a proud history and a commitment to excellence. Competing in the Missouri Valley Conference, they represent Illinois State University with dedication and passion. With a strong coaching staff, talented players, and community engagement, the team continues to make its mark in collegiate soccer.

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