Massachusetts Youth Soccer

Massachusetts Youth Soccer (MYS) offers a range of opportunities and programs to ignite the passion for the beautiful game among young athletes. As an affiliate of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), MYS takes its role seriously, aiming to develop well-rounded players and create a positive environment where youth can thrive both on and off the field.

Recreational Leagues

At the core of MYS’s mission lies its dedication to providing a pathway into soccer for young players. The organization’s recreational leagues act as a welcoming introduction to the sport, offering a fun and supportive environment for beginners to learn and grow. These leagues focus on the joy of playing and skill-building, ensuring that children experience the sheer thrill of kicking a ball and scoring their first goals.

Competitive Travel Teams

As young players progress in their soccer journey, MYS opens the door to more challenging experiences through competitive travel teams. These teams attract more seasoned players who seek greater competition and higher levels of play. Competing against other clubs and organizations within and beyond the state, travel teams allow players to test their skills, develop their abilities, and forge lasting friendships with teammates who share their passion.

Coaching Education

Recognizing the critical role coaches play in shaping young athletes, MYS places significant emphasis on coaching education. The organization offers workshops, certification courses, and a wealth of resources to help coaches enhance their knowledge and teaching abilities. Well-trained coaches become mentors who instill not only soccer skills but also valuable life lessons in leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Player Development Initiatives

MYS is committed to identifying and nurturing talent, providing specialized player development initiatives. Through identification programs, player academies, and talent development pathways, the organization offers a select group of players the chance to receive additional coaching and guidance from top instructors. These initiatives aim to maximize each player’s potential and foster their growth in the sport.

Tournaments and Events

Massachusetts Youth Soccer actively fosters a sense of community and camaraderie through a series of tournaments and events held throughout the year. These gatherings bring together teams and players from various regions, offering an opportunity to celebrate the sport they love, compete at a higher level, and build lasting memories both on and off the pitch.

  • Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC): MTOC is an annual state-level tournament that brings together top-performing teams from various regional leagues within Massachusetts. It is the culmination of the spring season, providing competitive opportunities for teams to compete against the best in the state and claim the title of Massachusetts Youth Soccer Champions.
  • Massachusetts State Cup: The Massachusetts State Cup is a prestigious annual competition for competitive travel teams. Teams from various age groups and divisions compete in knockout rounds to determine the state champion. The winner of the State Cup might earn the opportunity to represent Massachusetts in regional and national competitions.
  • Massachusetts Presidents Cup: The Presidents Cup is another prestigious annual tournament for competitive travel teams, offering an alternative pathway to the State Cup. This competition allows teams to compete against similarly skilled opponents, with the winner earning the chance to represent Massachusetts in regional and national competitions.
  • Massachusetts Futsal State Cup: Futsal is a variant of soccer played indoors with a smaller ball, encouraging quick footwork and technical skills. The Massachusetts Futsal State Cup provides teams with an opportunity to showcase their futsal abilities and compete for the state title.
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer Indoor Championships: These indoor championships provide an opportunity for teams to compete during the colder months when outdoor play might not be possible. Teams from various age groups and skill levels participate in these championships, showcasing their skills in an indoor setting.
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer District and Town-Level Tournaments: In addition to the state-level competitions, MYS organizes district and town-level tournaments for recreational and town teams. These tournaments allow teams from the same locality or district to compete against each other, encouraging a sense of community and friendly competition.


Massachusetts has several soccer leagues catering to players of various ages and skill levels. These leagues offer opportunities for both recreational and competitive play.

  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) Leagues: The Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) organizes various leagues and divisions for youth soccer players across the state. These leagues include recreational leagues for younger players and competitive travel leagues for more advanced players. MYSA leagues provide an excellent platform for young players to develop their skills and enjoy the sport in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Middlesex Youth Soccer League (MYSL): The Middlesex Youth Soccer League (MYSL) is one of the largest and oldest youth soccer leagues in Massachusetts. It caters to players from towns and cities within the Middlesex County region. The league offers both fall and spring seasons, providing opportunities for players to compete against teams from neighboring communities.
  • Middlesex Youth Soccer League – Boston Area Girls Soccer (MYSL-BAYS): MYSL-BAYS is a league that specifically focuses on girls’ soccer in the Boston area. It is affiliated with the Middlesex Youth Soccer League and offers girls’ teams a chance to compete in a competitive environment against other clubs and towns.
  • Essex County Youth Soccer Association (ECYSA): The Essex County Youth Soccer Association (ECYSA) serves players in the Essex County region of Massachusetts. It offers competitive travel leagues for boys and girls, providing a pathway for players looking to play at a higher level.
  • Massachusetts Premier League (MAPLE): The Massachusetts Premier League (MAPLE) is a competitive league catering to travel teams looking for top-level competition. It attracts some of the best teams from around the state and offers a high standard of play.
  • New England Premiership (NEP): The New England Premiership (NEP) is a regional league that includes teams from various states in the New England region, including Massachusetts. It is a competitive league offering a higher level of play for travel teams.
  • New England NPL (NE NPL): The New England NPL is a part of the National Premier Leagues (NPL) structure, providing a pathway for elite players in Massachusetts to compete at the regional and national levels.

Notable Teams

Massachusetts has many clubs and organizations that have achieved recognition and success in various leagues and competitions. Here are some notable youth soccer clubs in Massachusetts.

  • FC Stars: FC Stars is one of the largest and most well-known youth soccer clubs in Massachusetts. They have a strong presence in both boys’ and girls’ soccer and offer competitive teams at various age levels. FC Stars players often go on to play at top college programs and even professionally.
  • New England Futbol Club (NEFC): NEFC is another highly regarded youth soccer club in Massachusetts. With a focus on player development, NEFC has produced many talented players who have gone on to compete at higher levels.
  • GPS Massachusetts (Global Premier Soccer): GPS is a prominent youth soccer organization with a presence in various states, including Massachusetts. They provide high-level coaching and player development opportunities for young athletes.
  • Valeo FC: Valeo FC is known for its commitment to player development and providing a positive and nurturing environment for youth players to excel.
  • Scorpions Soccer Club: The Scorpions Soccer Club is a well-established youth soccer organization with a strong tradition of developing young talent. They have produced several players who have gone on to play at the collegiate and professional levels.
  • Bayside FC: Bayside FC is another notable youth soccer club in Massachusetts, known for its competitive teams and commitment to player development.
  • South Shore Select: South Shore Select is a growing youth soccer club in the South Shore region of Massachusetts, offering high-quality coaching and a supportive environment for young players.

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