USYS State Cup

The USYS State Cup held in each state allows teams to compete for a chance to make the regional and national finals.

About USYS State Cup

The US Youth Soccer (USYS) State Cup is an annual competition organized by the United States Youth Soccer Association, held at the state level for affiliated youth soccer clubs and teams.

The State Cup is designed to provide a competitive environment for elite youth soccer players to showcase their skills and compete for state championships.


The primary goal of the USYS State Cup is to determine the best youth soccer teams in each age group within a state.

Participating teams have the opportunity to compete against top-tier talent and gain valuable experience that can help them advance in their soccer careers.

The State Cup also serves as a qualifier for the USYS Regional Championships and, ultimately, the USYS National Championships.

Competition Structure

The USYS State Cup competitions are held in each state, typically divided into age groups ranging from U-12 to U-19.

The competition format may vary depending on the state and the number of participating teams, but generally involves a group stage followed by knockout rounds leading to the state championship match.

Winners of the USYS State Cup in each age group advance to compete in the USYS Regional Championships, held in one of the four USYS regions:

  • Region I (East) – Comprising states in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Eastern Seaboard
  • Region II (Midwest) – Including states in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions
  • Region III (South) – Covering states in the Southeast and Gulf Coast
  • Region IV (West) – Consisting of states in the West, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest

Regional winners then qualify for the USYS National Championships, where they compete against other regional champions for the title of National Champion in their respective age group.


The USYS State Cup is an important component of youth soccer development in the United States.

It offers a high level of competition for young players, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop their skills against elite teams from their state.

The State Cup also provides a pathway to regional and national competition, allowing players to test themselves against the best teams from other parts of the country.

By offering a platform for competitive soccer at the state level, the USYS State Cup contributes to the overall growth and success of youth soccer in the United States.

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