South Atlantic Conference

The South Atlantic Conference is a USYS National League conference covering the South Atlantic region.

About South Atlantic Conference Youth Soccer

The South Atlantic Conference is a youth soccer conference that operates under the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and is part of the USYS National League. The conference includes teams from several states in the South Atlantic region, such as Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

The South Atlantic Conference offers a competitive platform for youth soccer players to develop their skills, compete against top-level competition, and showcase their talents to college coaches and scouts.


The South Atlantic Conference offers various levels of competition for both boys and girls, starting from Under-13 up to Under-19 age groups. Teams participating in the conference compete in a regular season schedule, followed by playoffs and potentially advancing to the USYS Regional Championships and the USYS National Championships.

The conference aims to provide a high level of competition for teams and players, with many clubs participating in the conference considered among the best in the region. The competitive environment encourages player development and offers exposure to college coaches and scouts looking to recruit talented players for their programs.

Player Development

The South Atlantic Conference places a strong emphasis on player development, with clubs in the conference offering top-quality coaching and training programs. Players have the opportunity to develop their skills, tactical understanding, and physical fitness while competing against other talented players from the region.

In addition to the regular season competition, players participating in the South Atlantic Conference can also take part in various regional and national events, such as the USYS National League Showcase events, which provide further opportunities for players to gain exposure and showcase their talents.

Notable Clubs

Some of the many notable clubs that participate in the South Atlantic Conference include:

  • Baltimore Celtic Soccer Club – A top club in Maryland, known for its strong player development programs and success at both the regional and national levels.
  • North Carolina FC Youth – As one of the largest youth soccer organizations in North Carolina, NCFC Youth has a reputation for developing talented players who progress to collegiate and professional ranks.
  • United Futbol Academy – Based in Georgia, United Futbol Academy has a strong focus on player development and has produced several top-level players competing at the collegiate and professional levels.
  • South Carolina United FC – A prominent club in South Carolina, known for its competitive teams and dedication to player development.
  • Arlington Soccer Association – Located in Virginia, Arlington Soccer Association has a long history of success in youth soccer and a strong commitment to developing players for the next level of competition.

The South Atlantic Conference plays a significant role in promoting and developing youth soccer in the South Atlantic region. Through competitive leagues, showcase events, and a focus on player development, the conference provides opportunities for young players to excel in the sport and potentially advance to collegiate and professional soccer careers.

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