Top Soccer Cleats for Right Back Players

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Stepping onto the soccer pitch as a right back brings about a unique set of challenges and responsibilities. It’s not just about tackling and intercepting the ball, but having the precision to stand in the right place at the right time, exhibiting astounding speed and agility while providing assist to the forward players. Just like the player needs to understand his role in the game, so too does he need to understand that the type of cleats he wears can make a significant difference in his game. How so? Well, this article aims to take you through the dynamics of being a right back, the essential features you need to look for in soccer cleats and provide an unbiased assessment of the best soccer cleats suited for right backs available in the market.

Understanding the Role of a Right Back in Soccer

Understanding the Role of Right Back

The role of a right back in a soccer game includes defending the goal, supporting the midfield from the right side, and launching attacks. The player in this position requires a combination of speed, agility, and excellent defensive skills since they will contend with some of the best opposing wingers. Positioning is an essential part of a right back’s responsibility; they must ensure they’re always in the right place to intercept and cut through opposing plays.

Importance of the Right Cleats

The correct choice of soccer cleats can significantly impact a right back’s game performance. It can influence the speed, agility, control, and stability of the player, attributes that are integral for success. The right cleats will have a solid grip on the pitch, allowing quick and sudden changes in direction, crucial for the high-speed gameplay right backs are frequently involved in.

Best Soccer Cleats for Right Back

Some soccer cleats are extremely well-suited for right backs. For starters, the Adidas Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Boots, known for their enhanced grip and ball control qualities, can be a great choice. The boot’s design ensures excellent traction, which improves the player’s agility.

Nike’s Phantom GT Elite FG is another commendable cleat that boasts an innovative design for optimal touch and control, making it easier to maneuver the ball. The boot’s Flyknit construction ensures breathability, durability, and a snug fit, while the hyper-quick system offers a responsive feel and excellent traction.

Puma’s Future 5.1 Netfit FG/AG cleat is also highly recommended. This boot is praised for its customizable lacing system, allowing the cleat to be adjusted to fit perfectly, enhancing the player’s comfort and stability. Puma’s cleat also emphasizes increased agility with its lightweight design.

Under Armour’s Magnetico Pro FG offers flexibility with a design that fits like a glove. This cleat also aids the player’s ball handling skills due to their form-fitted nature, and the lightweight material used in construction will help conserve energy during long matches.

Choosing the Best Soccer Cleats: Key Considerations

Finding the perfect pair of soccer cleats involves weighing a few crucial factors. One such consideration is the material of the boot, impacting both the longevity of the cleat and the user’s comfort. For instance, while leather boots may provide an unmatched level of comfort, they might give up on durability in comparison to their synthetic counterparts.

Next comes the fit, which should be neither overly tight nor extremely loose. Brand-to-brand, the fit may differ, so trying out different models is a good practice. Wearing the boots with soccer socks and shin guards before making a choice can ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Thirdly, the studs on the boot play a significant role in ground grip. Conical or round studs work well on hard surfaces, guaranteeing better traction and comfort. If the ground is on the softer side, blade-shaped studs or a mixed-stud configuration can provide aggressive traction.

Key Features to Look for in Soccer Cleats as a Right Back

The Crucial Role of a Right Back in Soccer

In soccer, a right back’s position is defense-based, typically on the right wing of the field. The responsibilities of this demanding role involve juggling between the attack and defense, making forward runs, and stopping the opponents’ wingers, often requiring extensive field coverage. Accordingly, having the appropriate soccer cleats can significantly enhance a right back’s performance and gameplay efficiency.

Studs Configuration

The configuration of the studs on soccer cleats can significantly impact a right back’s ability to move quickly and change direction. Cleats with a conical stud shape are generally considered best for right backs, given their 360-degree rotational traction that enables quick pivoting and change of direction. A cleat with both bladed and conical studs offers a solid blend of speed and stability, perfect for the defensive quickness and straight-line speed often required of right-backs.

Cleat Material

The material of soccer cleats is another crucial factor. Boots made from kangaroo leather tend to be the softest and most flexible, molding easily to the foot and maximizing comfort. However, synthetic and knitted materials are also popular, offering excellent durability, water resistance, and a secure fit. They are also lighter than leather boots, promoting speed and agility, which are important for right backs.

Cleat Weight

The weight of the cleat can impact a right back’s agility and speed. A lighter boot is generally better for right backs, supporting quick runs and sudden changes in direction. However, it’s important to strike a balance, as excessively light boots may lack the necessary durability and stability, especially during hard tackles and sprints.

Flexibility and Comfort

A right back’s cleats must be flexible and comfortable given the extensive movement during a game. Shoes should have ample cushioning to absorb impact and attenuate shock during running and jumping. The insole should also be contoured and comfortable, reducing foot fatigue during prolonged play.

Boot Cut

The cut of the boot can significantly affect stability. Low-cut boots offer more agility and are lighter, whereas mid-cut styles provide better ankle support. Right backs may prefer a mid-cut style for the extra stability in defense; however, the ultimate choice will come down to personal preference and comfort.


Given the varied movements of a right back, excellent traction is paramount to prevent slips or falls. Hybrid soleplates that combine both bladed and rounded studs can offer the multidirectional grip required for the variety of tasks a right back performs.

Selecting the Perfect Soccer Cleats

Selecting the perfect soccer cleats can dramatically boost a right back’s gameplay. Keeping in mind factors such as the configuration of the studs, the material of the boot, the cut of the boot, comfort levels, and the weight, players can cherry-pick a pair that meshes well with their individual needs and playing style. It’s essential to note that the most pricey cleats don’t automatically guarantee the best performance. Comfort and fit should invariably be your main concerns.

Review of the Best Soccer Cleats for Right Backs

Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats

Defying passing trends with timeless appeal, the Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats stand out as top choices for right back positions. The upper part, made from Kangaroo leather, gradually conforms to the shape of your foot, promising unmatched comfort and excellent ball control. Their distinctive extended tongue design enhances feel and touch, crucial for intercepting balls and making clean clearances. Although these cleats score high on grip and comfort, they might not cater to players seeking extremely lightweight boots. It’s worth mentioning that unlike other high-end boots, Copa Mundials don’t incorporate the latest technological advancements in their design.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG Soccer cleats

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite FG soccer cleats are packed with innovative features for the agile right back. These cleats use Nike’s Aerotrak zone in the forefoot for explosive acceleration on firm ground surfaces. They also feature a 360-degree Flyknit construction that wraps around your foot for a second-skin-like fit. The cleats come with an All Conditions Control (ACC) technology for excellent ball control in wet and dry conditions. On the downside, the narrow boot design might not deliver the best fit for players with wide feet.

PUMA Men’s Future Z 3.1 FG/AG Football Boots

For those who prefer a bit of innovative design along with functionality, the PUMA Future Z 3.1 may be the right choice. They feature PUMA’s trademark FUZIONFIT+ technology for optimal fit and agility, and a knitted upper for comfort. The cutting-edge Z-shaped soleplate offers excellent traction and allows for quick, multidirectional movements that are key for a right back player’s game. However, the boots may require a break-in period, and the z-shaped soleplate might not suit everyone’s style or comfort.

adidas Men’s Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

The adidas Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoes are designed for control, precision, and power, making them excellent cleats for right backs. The textured Controlskin upper helps improve ball handling while the firm ground outsole offers good traction. The shoes also come with a sock-like fit for comfort. Nevertheless, it’s worthy to note that these boots are more suitable for narrow feet and the design is less flexible compared to other adidas models.

Under Armour Men’s Magnetico Pro FG Soccer Shoe

The Under Armour Magnetico Pro FG soccer shoes are worth considering for right backs seeking a balance of comfort, ball control, and speed. They come with a form-fitting upper for enhanced touch and feel on the ball, and a lightweight soleplate for quick maneuvers. One of the highlight features is the UA FormTrue technology in the toe box, which provides flexibility when under pressure on the field. A minor downside is that the shoes may not provide as much ankle support compared to other high-cut designs.

Remember, the right soccer cleat will largely depend on your individual playing style, preference for comfort and fit, along with the type of surface you commonly play on. The above-listed cleats are among the most widely recommended for right-back players based on current market offerings and user reviews.

At the end of the day, the key to becoming a successful right back not only lies in understanding the role and harnessing the skills needed for the position but also in ensuring that you’re equipped with the right gear. The right cleats indeed act as a catalyst in bolstering your performance by offering you superior comfort, flexibility, a better grip, and control over the ball. And though the market is swarming with an array of options, this guide will certainly rectify your soccer cleats’ selection process. Just remember, the best cleats are the ones that complement your style, improve your performance, and most importantly, make you feel confident on the field.

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