Ultimate Guide: Best Soccer Cleats for Extra Wide Feet

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In the world of soccer, player’s equipment bears significant weight on their performance. Among these, soccer cleats come on top, as they define not just the player’s speed and traction but their comfort as well. Surprisingly, the most important factor in choosing the right cleats isn’t just the level of play or the position on the field, but the player’s feet anatomy itself. This is particularly true for those with extra wide feet, a group largely overlooked by mainstream soccer cleat manufacturers. Today, we shed the spotlight on this underserved segment, delivering key insights on top soccer cleats for wide feet, from understanding the unique foot implications, key features of suitable soccer cleats, top brands, to customer reviews, and maintenance tips.

Understanding Wide Feet and Its Implications in Soccer

Understanding the Unique Foot Challenges for Soccer Players

Soccer players with extra wide feet may face unique challenges, especially in obtaining the right footwear for optimal comfort and performance. Wearing ill-fitting soccer cleats can lead to numerous foot ailments such as blisters, bunions, hammertoes, metatarsalgia, and plantar fasciitis among others. These foot conditions not only cause discomfort but can also impede a player’s performance on the pitch. Thus, for these athletes, choosing the right soccer cleats becomes not just a matter of comfort but also a crucial factor in their gameplay and foot health.

Why Soccer Cleats are Important for Players with Extra Wide Feet

Soccer cleats provide meaningful support and protection for a player’s feet during the game. For players with extra wide feet, the right cleats offer enhanced comfort, better foot and arch support, improved balance and stability, and a reduced risk for foot injuries. The perfect pair will allow for free movement and control, and will not interfere with the quick, sudden footwork movements that are synonymous with soccer. Furthermore, high-quality soccer cleats will endure the arduous conditions of the field and the intensity of the game, providing longevity.

Features to Look for in Soccer Cleats for Extra Wide Feet

When shopping for soccer cleats for extra wide feet, players should look for features like spacious toe boxes, flexible upper materials like leather or synthetic mesh, contoured insoles for added arch support, and outsoles with stud or cleat configurations that accommodate a wider foot base. The lacing system also plays a part – shoes with longer and adjustable laces offer more flexibility for wider feet.

Best Soccer Cleats for Extra Wide Feet

Several brands cater to soccer players with extra wide feet. The New Balance Furon 4.0 Pro FG, for instance, is known for its larger sizes and wider fit. Its Fantom Fit frame and Hydraskin touch membrane offer flexibility and control. Another well-reviewed product is the Adidas Copa Mundial, featuring a broad sizing range and a flexible, full-grain leather upper that molds perfectly to the foot’s shape. The Nike Premier II FG also comes recommended due to its versatile sizing and comfortable, goat leather upper that provides a soft, cushioned feel.

Finding the Right Soccer Cleats for Extra Wide Feet

For athletes blessed with extra wide feet, purchasing the right soccer cleats relies greatly on accurately measuring the foot size. Other key considerations to account for include the playing style, the position you play, and the type of field on which your games take place. An effective strategy is trying on an array of models to judge the comfort and fit, with physical stores offering the best environment for accurate sizing. Additionally, while the initial cost may be higher, leather cleats are commendable for their ability to stretch and mold to the unique shape of your foot over time.

Key Features of Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Crucial Considerations for Soccer Cleats for Extra Wide Feet

In your pursuit of the perfect soccer cleats for wider feet, it’s central to take into account a few critical factors. These will go a long way in guaranteeing comfort while playing, the durability of your cleats, and, of course, your performing prowess on the pitch.


The material of the soccer cleats is an essential consideration. Leather, particularly kangaroo leather, is often recommended for those with wide feet because it naturally stretches to conform to the foot’s shape. Synthetic materials can also be a good choice for wide feet as they tend to be more forgiving and flexible compared to other materials. However, ensure that the synthetic material is of high quality to provide the required stretch and durability.


Comfort is paramount in any soccer cleats, especially for individuals with extra wide feet. Look for cleats with a wide toe box that allows toes to spread naturally. Also, consider the inner lining of the cleats; it should be soft and seamless to prevent blisters and discomfort during play. A well-cushioned insole can also increase comfort level, providing essential foot support while absorbing shock during play.


Perfect fitting is crucial for performance and comfort on the field. Cleats for extra wide feet should not feel too tight or too loose but should fit the foot snugly. In particular, ensure there’s enough room around your toes for movement, and the heel should feel secure without any slipping. Keep in mind that a snug fit does not equate to discomfort; though newly acquired leather cleats may feel a bit tight, they are prone to stretch out after a few wears.


Soccer cleats should provide the players with good grip and traction to perform optimally in different playing conditions. Look for cleats with firm ground (FG) or soft ground (SG) outsoles depending on the type of field you frequently play on. Firm ground cleats tend to have molded blades or conical studs and perform best in natural grass fields. Soft ground cleats, on the other hand, typically feature fewer, but longer studs, and are suitable for muddy or wet playing conditions.


Ensuring good breathability in your cleats is essential to avoid sweaty and uncomfortable feet during play. Opt for cleats with materials that allow good airflow, such as mesh or certain types of high-quality synthetic materials. This feature is particularly beneficial in hot weather conditions where the feet are prone to sweat more.

When it comes to selecting the right soccer cleats for wide feet, there are vital elements to think about, including but not limited to the material, comfort, fitting, traction, and breathability. Recognized brands like Adidas, New Balance, and Puma have designs addressing these specific needs. Acquiring the right choice of cleats allows you to showcase your skills on the field without sacrificing comfort levels.

Top Soccer Cleats Brands for Wide Feet

Explore the Best Brands of Soccer Cleats for Extra Wide Feet

New Balance

Famed for its line of athletic footwear, New Balance caters to an extensive scope of foot dimensions, making them a favorite amongst soccer players with wider feet. Notably, they have a range of shoes explicitly designed in assorted widths as part of their standard offerings.

A premier model apt for wide feet from New Balance is the Furon V5 soccer cleat for men. This pair is renowned for its FantomFit frame, offering lightweight support and a unique, personalized feel. Crafted with durable and lightweight TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) soles, these cleats afford both speed and control on the playing field, thus endorsing them as an excellent selection for soccer players with wider feet.


Adidas is another reputable sportswear manufacturer that provides soccer cleats suitable for wide feet. They have a prominent place in the soccer world due to their comfortable and stylish shoes designed to enhance performance on the field.

For wide feet, the Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleats are often recommended. They come with a roomy forefront, fitting those with wide feet comfortably. Built with a durable, lightweight synthetic leather upper and firm ground outsole, these cleats promote agility and speed.


Puma also offers a wide selection of football boots suitable for wide feet. They are known for their innovative footwear technology and trendy designs.

The Puma King Allround is a top choice for soccer players with wide feet. This model is unique as it features PUMA Lite leather for comfort and longevity, coupled with quilting for optimal padding. An Evertrack multi-studded Ground Control outsole provides enhanced grip, making these cleats suitable for a variety of surfaces.

When focusing on soccer, achieving an excellent performance hinges on getting the right gear, most notably the cleats. As essential as skills and tactics are, nothing can impair your playing potential like an ill-fitting pair of cleats, especially if you have extra wide feet. Beyond comfort, the type of cleats you need can also be influenced by the type of playing surface, whether it be soft, firmly-ground, or artificial. The goal is to have a comfortable pair of cleats that fits your wide feet perfectly, tailored to your specific requirements on the soccer pitch.

Customer and Professional Reviews

Unraveling the Design of Soccer Cleats for Extra Wide Feet

Normal cleats could cause discomfort for people with wider than average feet. Enter the game-changer: soccer cleats designed specifically for extra wide feet. The design encompasses aspects like comfort, stability, and optimum on-field performance, considering the wide footprint. Brands renowned for catering to such needs are New Balance, Nike, and Adidas. Apart from being high on the comfort level for wide feet players, these brands also offer a distinct concoction of style and durability.

What Makes a Cleat Suitable for Wide Feet

A soccer cleat suitable for wide feet should have a wider midsole and toe box. This area should be expansive enough to accommodate wider feet and should not squeeze or pinch the foot, leading to discomfort or potential injuries during the game. Another critical consideration is the material of the cleat. The best soccer cleats for wide feet often use flexible materials, such as kangaroo leather or synthetic materials, that can conform to the shape of the foot and provide a comfortable fit. Furthermore, a proper lacing system that allows secure but flexible binding is another feature that preferable.

Top Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Several soccer cleats have earned high ratings from both professionals and users with wider feet. New Balance Men’s Furon v5 Dispatch Soccer Shoe, for instance, has been praised for its spacious design, comfort and sturdiness, making it a favorite among athletes with wide feet. Similarly, the Nike Tiempo Legend VII allows ample room for wide feet, with users appreciating its excellent comfort without compromising on ball control. Lastly, the Adidas Copa Mundial, with genuine kangaroo leather upper, is loved for its adaptability to various foot shapes and world-class durability.

Review analysis

While the New Balance Men’s Furon v5 Dispatch Soccer Shoe received positive feedback for its wider design, some reviewers mentioned that it could benefit from having more cushioning in the insole for extra comfort. The Nike Tiempo Legend VII received accolades for its ball control and comfort, despite a few users expressing, it took some break-in time to achieve the perfect fit. Adidas Copa Mundial though an all-time favorite due to its flexibility, a few players marked that the cleats might feel a bit heavy as the game progresses.

Reminder on Sizing

When considering soccer cleats for wide feet, it’s crucial to remember that sizing can vary between brands. What may be a size 9 in Nike might not be the same in New Balance, so it’s recommended to check each brand’s sizing guide before you purchase. Consider trying on different sizes and styles to determine which cleats offer the most comfortable fit and best meet your performance needs.

The quest for finding the best soccer cleats that cater to extra wide feet involves finding a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. By scrutinizing professional recommendations and customer feedback, you elevate your chances of discovering a pair that meets your unique needs while bolstering your performance on the field.

Care and Maintenance for Soccer Cleats

Finding Your Perfect Soccer Cleats for Extra Wide Feet

In your journey to find the best soccer cleats suited for extra wide feet, you’ll want to take into account size, design, material, and overall fit. Keep in mind that not all wide foot cleats are designed the same – some offer ample support and additional space than others. Renowned sports brands like New Balance, Nike, and Adidas often cater to players with wide feet. Be sure to look out for products like New Balance’s “Men’s Tekela V1 Magia Soccer Shoe” and Nike’s “Tiempo Legend 8 Club FG Soccer Cleats“. These options provide wider widths, and are highly praised for their superior comfort and performance.

The Importance of Proper Size and Fit

Determining the correct size is crucial for optimal performance and comfort. Many players with wide feet make the mistake of upping their shoe size in an attempt to accommodate for width, however, this can lead to excessive room in the toe area, compromising control over the ball. Instead, look for cleats labeled as ‘wide’ or ‘extra wide’, or try one specifically engineered with a wider last (the mold around which the shoe is built).

Materials and Design

Materials and design play a huge part in accommodating wide feet. Leather and flexible synthetic materials tend to stretch and adapt to the shape of your feet over time, providing a more comfortable fit. High-quality synthetic materials also offer good performance and durability. The design of the shoe, specifically the toe box and midfoot areas, should also offer sufficient width without constraining or constricting the foot.

Caring for Your Soccer Cleats

To ensure the longevity and maintain optimal performance of your wide soccer cleats, proper care and maintenance are paramount. The first step is to keep them clean. After every game or practice session, remove dirt and debris with a soft brush or damp cloth. Never use harsh chemicals or detergents as they can damage the cleat material.

Allow the cleats to dry naturally, avoiding direct heat sources which can warp or shrink the material, affecting their overall fit and comfort. An air-dry method is best, stuffing them with newspaper or specially designed shoe trees can help to maintain their shape while they dry.

Furthermore, regular inspection is key to maintaining the cleats. Look for signs such as splitting or cracking in the material, or worn out studs that may affect performance. It’s important to replace your cleats once they show signs of serious wear and tear to prevent potential injury.

Regularly rotating your cleats if you have more than one pair can also contribute to a longer lifespan. The rest period allows your cleats to recuperate from the strains of previous uses.

Lastly, storing them properly after drying is crucial. Keep them in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to prevent deterioration. Implementing these care and maintenance tips can drastically extend the lifespan of your soccer cleats, maximizing their performance and your investment.

The significance of the right soccer cleats transcends from simply affecting a player’s game performance. It impacts comfort level, affects foot health, and for the enthusiastic soccer player with extra wide feet, the self-esteem on and off the soccer field. With an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by soccer players with wide feet, the features to look for, judgments on top brands, the viewpoint of fellow wide feet soccer players and experts, and proper care for these specialized soccer shoes, every wide-footed soccer player can triumph in their sport. May this specialized knowledge guide every wide-footed soccer enthusiast in their search for the perfect pair, ensuring a comfortable, well-fitting, and high-performance soccer cleats designed to conquer wide feet challenges.

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