USL League One

USL League One is a professional men’s soccer league in the United States. It is considered the third tier of the American soccer pyramid, below Major League Soccer (MLS) and the USL Championship. The league was founded in 2017 and began its inaugural season in 2019.


USL League One operates under the umbrella of the United Soccer League (USL), which is one of the largest professional soccer organizations in North America. The league was established with the goal of providing a competitive platform for developing players, coaches, and referees, while also expanding the footprint of professional soccer across the United States.

The league’s structure consists of both independently owned teams and reserve teams affiliated with MLS clubs. This arrangement allows for a mix of established organizations and emerging clubs, providing a diverse and dynamic environment for player development and competition. As of the 2023 season, USL League One consists of 12 teams.


The regular season typically runs from March to October, with each team playing a total of 28 matches. The top six teams at the end of the regular season qualify for the playoffs, which culminate in a championship match to determine the league winner. The league also fosters the growth of young talent through its League One Academy system, providing opportunities for talented youth players to compete at the professional level.

USL League One has seen steady growth since its inception, with increased attendance, media coverage, and corporate sponsorships. The league aims to strengthen the soccer ecosystem in the United States by fostering local rivalries, developing regional talent, and building strong community connections. It serves as a vital bridge for players aspiring to reach higher levels of professional soccer in the United States and abroad.

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