Taunton Youth Soccer League

Taunton Youth Soccer League serves clubs in Taunton, Massachusetts and nearby areas.

About Taunton Youth Soccer League

The Taunton Youth Soccer League (TYSL) is a youth soccer organization based in Taunton, Massachusetts. TYSL is affiliated with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and follows their guidelines and policies. The league is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of youth soccer players in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.


TYSL offers various levels of play for its participants, ranging from recreational to competitive soccer. The organization oversees league play for teams within its jurisdiction, providing opportunities for players to compete against other clubs and teams from the surrounding region. The league is typically divided into age groups and skill levels to ensure a competitive and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Player Development

TYSL is committed to player development and offers several programs and resources to support players and coaches. These include coaching education courses, player development camps, and skills clinics. The organization focuses on developing technical skills, tactical knowledge, physical fitness, and mental resilience in players of all ages and skill levels.


TYSL is dedicated to providing resources and support for coaches, including coaching education courses, mentorship programs, and access to the latest coaching materials and resources. The organization emphasizes holistic player development, focusing not only on soccer skills but also on personal growth and character development.

Safety and sportsmanship are top priorities for TYSL. The organization implements various safety protocols to ensure the well-being of players, coaches, and referees. This includes background checks for coaches and volunteers, concussion education and management protocols, and other safety measures. TYSL also promotes sportsmanship and fair play, establishing a code of conduct for all players, coaches, and spectators.

Notable Clubs

Some of the notable clubs within the TYSL region include:

  • Taunton Eagles Soccer Club – Based in Taunton, Massachusetts, the club is known for its strong player development program and has produced numerous college and high school players.
  • Taunton Sports Club – Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, the organization focuses on developing top-level players and has won multiple regional and state championships.

The Taunton Youth Soccer League plays a crucial role in the development of youth soccer players in the Taunton area of Massachusetts. Through competitive leagues, player development programs, and a strong emphasis on education, TYSL continues to contribute to the growth of soccer in the United States.

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