Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association

WYSA oversees US Youth Soccer leagues and clubs in Wisconsin.

About Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association

The Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) is the governing body for youth soccer in Wisconsin, responsible for organizing and promoting youth soccer programs throughout the state. WYSA is a member of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and adheres to its guidelines and policies.


The primary goal of WYSA is to foster the growth and development of youth soccer in Wisconsin by providing a range of opportunities for players, coaches, and referees. WYSA supports and organizes various leagues, tournaments, and programs to ensure that youth soccer participants of all ages and skill levels have access to a positive and competitive environment.

Leagues and Competitions

WYSA offers both recreational and competitive leagues for youth players in the state. The organization oversees various age groups, typically ranging from U-8 to U-19, providing a pathway for players to progress through different levels of competition as they develop their skills.

In addition to league play, WYSA hosts several tournaments throughout the year, including the Wisconsin State Championships, which serves as a qualifier for the USYS Regional Championships and, ultimately, the USYS National Championships.

Player Development

WYSA is committed to supporting the growth and development of its youth players. The organization offers various player development programs, including the Olympic Development Program (ODP), which identifies and develops talented players who may have the potential to represent the United States at the national team level.

WYSA also offers various resources and support for coaches and referees, including coaching education courses, licensing programs, and mentorship opportunities.

Education and Safety

WYSA is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all participants. The organization has implemented various safety protocols, including background checks for coaches and volunteers, concussion education and management, and other safety measures.

WYSA promotes good sportsmanship, fair play, and respect among its participants. The organization has established a code of conduct for players, coaches, and spectators and has a zero-tolerance policy for abusive or disrespectful behavior.

Notable Clubs

Some of the notable clubs affiliated with WYSA include:

  • Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club – A large youth soccer organization in the Milwaukee area that offers a comprehensive player development pathway and has produced several college and professional players.
  • SC Waukesha – A youth soccer club based in Waukesha that focuses on player development, offering both recreational and competitive programs for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Madison 56ers – A youth soccer organization based in Madison that provides a range of soccer programs for players of various ages and abilities.

By offering a variety of leagues, tournaments, and development programs, WYSA plays a crucial role in the growth of youth soccer in Wisconsin and provides countless opportunities for young players to develop their skills and passion for the game.

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